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AsiaPay Capital is an incubation program of AsiaPay Group

Aim to provide financial and operational resources, facilities, and client network to walk with digital service and solution startups to develop and grow your digital journey in Asia.

Being a capital supporting arm of a regional digital payment service and technology provider established in past decades, startups can ride on AsiaPay's long-lasting position, the broad operation and network in Asia, for faster innovative adoption in the ecosystem.

Investees can readily enjoy a faster and safer market penetration track in Asia from PoC, business validation, growth acceleration to access of border base of capital.


Our Mission

To provide a well-connected nurturing ground for innovative digital commerce development by empowering these talented entrepreneurs to develop digital products, services and technologies that lead to positive change to the world.

  • WHY US

    AsiaPay Capital brings your company, on top of financial resources, extensive business connectivity and advisory, riding on AsiaPay Group's market, business and channel knowhow over its 15 operative offices in Asia.


Advanced/Innovative Digital Technologies

  • Capitalize on our advanced payment solutions and services to banks and merchants, our competitive edge and generate incremental revenue; especially in areas of payment aggregation, smart retail, iot, security, open banking, channel capabilities......alike innovative players;

Strategic Partnership

  • Explore new innovative solution (POC) opportunities to gauge new revenue streams and opportunities together; e.g. data analytics, blockchain, AI, payment platform providers, banks ......


  • Provide our ranges of advanced digital payment service and solution to gauge incremental sales opportunities, and valueadd to startup along with their business growth;
  • Partner to refer to banks and merchants, and generate supplementary revenue; especially in areas of innovative commerce application, security, commerce-related support on CRM, Marketing, Logistics......

To unleash the power on AsiaPay Capital's innovative ecosystem in the regional fintech universe, portfolio companies would enjoy:

Financial Support

Provide seed/angel stage funding to reach its full potential in the eCommerce industry. The average size of funding support for development is around 100K – 200K USD. We stick to an "Easy Apply and Approve" principle, allow approval within 30 days upon necessary records reviewed.

Business Advisory

Assist you to liaise with professional service providers in-house or external like legal, compliance, accounting, IT, tax and fund raising advice across 16 locations in Asia Pacific to increase in the efficiency of operational and financial management.

Business Connections

With our strong merchants' and bank networks, we link up large corporations and financial institutes with emerging businesses to facilitate every stakeholder in the ecosystem to contribute their parts and maximize every party's benefits.

Payment Expertise

Help you to explore the latest trends and access to the latest digital payment services and technologies across the globe in this fast-evolving landscape.

Local Support

We provide local boarding support on existing AsiaPay offices in over 16 locations in Asia Pacific including:
  1. Special local payment facilities package
  2. Regular Mentorship session for regional expansion
  3. Easy enablement of payment collection thought out the whole Asia riding on the most developed merchants' network in Asia
  4. On-the-ground co-working space sponsorship with FREE conference room and workspace facilities on cocreating value across the region*
  5. The special discount package on hotel and resort in the region
*Note: Investee could enjoy the FREE use of country conference room up to 3 hours and 2 working days per month;


Hong Kong Office

Unit 1701-05, 17/F, K. Wah Centre, 191 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Hotline: +852 3173 1982
Fax: +852 2545 3898
Email: info@asiapaycapital.com

Indonesia Office

Menara Prima, 16th Floor, Unit A, Jl. Ide Anak Agung Blok 6.2, Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

Hotline: +6221 5794 8575
Fax: +6221 5794 8577
Email: info@asiapaycapital.com

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